Padel is coming to Activeace Arena soon. All the i's are dotted and the t's crossed and its just a wait for the contractors to get on site and start the work.

"What is Padel" I hear you ask? Here is your one stop shop to all you need to know about Padel.

Just like tennis rackets come in different weights and slightly different shapes. You can pay between £25 - £200+ depending on what you choose, from beginner to advanced.

A selection of padel rackets
Padel Rackets

Not far off a normal tennis ball, just with a little pressure taken out.

Padel balls.
Padel court in Barcelona
Padel Court in Barcelona

Padel is a doubles game and enclosed through glass/mesh fencing.

The scoring system is exactly the same as tennis and the ball is allowed to come of the walls after a bounce.

Rallies are longer with the emphasis on good court positioning.

As you can imagine, with a smaller court size, there is not as much running and a great game for those with limited movement.

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